Culinary Delights

By Planet (in chronological order)

"The catering is deemed one of the highlights of the planet and, indeed, wears the Four Comets of Gastronomical Excellence." --Brainship Brendan, BB1066

from Killashandra by Anne McCaffrey

CS = Crystal Singer, K = Killashandra, CL = Crystal Line,

Page numbers refer to the US 19th printing paperback of Crystal Singer, the US 7th printing paperback of Killashandra, and the first US mass market edition of Crystal Line

From Crystal Singer

On Fuerte and in transit to Ballybran On Ballybran On the Trundimoux Cruiser

From Killashandra

On Ballybran On the Athena On Optheria On Killa’s deserted Polly Island With Keralaw At the Angel Island barbeque Lars and Killa’s private hideaway Hurricane food on Angel Island Angel Island dinner with Elder Torkes

From Crystal Line

On the BB-1066 Armagh- Trefoil Island On Ballybran On the BB-1066
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