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Current Instructors

James D. Macdonald author of Land of Mist and Snow (with Debra Doyle)

Debra Doyle author of Land of Mist and Snow (with James D. Macdonald)

Patrick Nielsen Hayden Editor at Tor and Hugo Award winner (Best Editor, Long Form)

Teresa Nielsen Hayden editor of Hugo Award winner Robert Charles Wilson's Spin

"My one-on-one with Teresa was one of the best, and most frightening, times of my VP experience. I learned more about my writing in a hour with her than I had in years of self-examination."

Steven Gould NYT bestselling author of Jumper

Elizabeth Bear John Campbell Award winner (2005,) Hugo Award Winner for short story "Tideline" (2008,) Hugo Award Winner for Best Novellette: “Shoggoths in Bloom" (2009,) author of Hammered

"My first one-on-one was on Monday, with Elizabeth Bear. And right there -- the workshop would have been worth going to for just that hour. It was like she flipped on the light and illuminated the elephant in the corner. And then she handed me an elephant gun."

Sherwood Smith

Jay Lake

Past Instructors

John Scalzi

Laura Mixon

Cory Doctorow

James Patrick Kelly

Lawrence Watt-Evans

Elizabeth Moon

Maureen McHugh

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